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Our Fees

Our fees are straightforward:​

  • $180/session

  • $40 additional for home visits

1. Our sessions are 50-60 minutes in duration.  Beyond that, sessions are charged at block of 30-minutes
2. The fees apply for all types of therapies, except Speech and Language Therapy.
3. There is no peak hour surcharge.

4. There will be a cancellation fees equivalent to 50% of the session fee if client did not notify us of a cancellation
    or postphonement at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.  Based on the discretion of our 
    management, exceptions may be made for any cancellation/postphonement in the last hour due to unforeseen
    circumstances or emergencies. 
5. A child or teen below the age of 18 years old is required to obtain consent from parents or legal guardian to
    attend sessions.  Parents or legal guardian have to provide their particulars in addition to the child's or teen's
    particulars on the registration form.  
6. Our fees are collected at the end of each session. Cash, cheque and electronic payments are accepted.
    UEN: 202205321D and QR Code

7. We believe everyone deserves access to good quality mental health care. As a Social Enterprise, we reserve a
    percentage of sessions for clients who require subsidies through Project PATH (Promoting Access to THerapy).
8. If you need to cancel/change appointment, or have any queries, please contact us at 8832 0640.


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