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Corporate Wellness and
Staff Support Programmes

Your organisation's needs are unique.  With our team of experts from diverse professional backgrounds, we have worked with organisations to specially curate wellness programmes to suit their needs. Below is an idea of what we can do for you and your team:

  • Wellness Talks

  • Wellness Groups

  • Wellbeing Workshops (self-care, music, art, etc.)

  • Counselling and Therapy 

Wellness Topics

​Please note that this list of topics are non-exhaustive. Our dedicated team of mental health professionals & trainers are able to customise and develop talks/workshops content to meet the individualised needs of your organisation.

  • Managing Workplace Stress

  • Sleep Better 

  • A Beautiful Mind (Dementia Care)

  • Be Mindful and not Mind Full

  • Boundaries and Self-Care Matters

  • Coping with Transitions in Workplace

  • Be a Pillar of Support for Someone Who is Living with Anxiety

  • Be a Pillar of Support for Someone Who is Living with Depression

  • Understanding Workpace Mental Health

  • Are We Expecting Too Much?

  • The Art of Empathy

  • Seeking Professional Support to Improve Mental Well-Being: When, Who, What, Where and How?

  • Advance Care Planning is for Everyone

  • Supporting a Colleague Who is Grieving the Loss of a Loved One or Pet

  • Supporting a Colleague Who is Grieving (Non-death Losses)

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