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Home-based Tuition

Is your child facing academic difficulties and has learning needs? Our Education Therapists are well-versed in both the mainstream/special education academic curriculum and can provide both you and your child additional support with our structured teaching programme and academic support programme.

Structured Teaching Programme

Structure is one of the most important ways to support our children with ASD. Structured Teaching capitalises on the strengths of students with ASD and aims to provide both children and parents with strategies to engage in positive learning and living experiences. These include providing predictable and meaningful routines through the use of structure, visual/structural supports in the home and classroom environments, and strategies to improve engagement and independence in the home and classroom settings.  

The five elements of structured teaching can be integrated across different skill areas e.g. social skills, communications skills, daily living skills, and academic skills etc. to support the learning for each child.

Academic Support Programme

Is your child having difficulties keeping up with classroom curriculum and needs additional support? Our home-based tuition programme are conducted by experienced educational therapists who are familiar with both mainstream and special education curriculum. We use behavioral support and learning support strategies to support our children in their learning.

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